Heard of the famous miracle water at Lourdes?

Have you wondered why millions of people travel to Lourdes, France each year to consume the ‘healing waters of Lourdes’, and returned back with ‘miraculous healing’?

Many people have claimed to be healed by the holy water. But that’s half the story. Read on to find out the scientific discovery in the water that brings about huge benefits for the people.

Other than Lourdes, there are also four lesser known miracle water sites – Tlacote (Mexico), Nordenau (Germany), Hita (japan), and Hunza (Pakistan).

Millions of people visited these sites yearly to drink their miracle healing water, with lots of claims they are cured in various diseases. This got researchers and scientists curious this miracle water.

Lourdes, France

A professor from Kyushu University then researched and later discovered that there is in fact high concentration of Active Hydrogen in the water obtained from Tlacote, Mexico.

Hydrogen As Anti-Oxidant

Hydrogen is the smallest element known, and because it is so small, it can travel and penetrate into all cells of our body easily.

And hydrogen mainly do 1 thing: Removal of Free Radicals

It combines with oxygen (O) radical to form water (H2O), which is then flushed out of our body through urination or perspiration.

Which means it acts as an anti-oxidant which converts free radicals, which harms harms our body and cause aging, into harmless water which is then passed out.

This result is also proven by renowned academics from top universities and associations.

Lourdes, France

Just this scientific reaction alone can explain the healing benefits experienced by the people who drank the water at the miracle sites.

So…How Do You Drink Hydrogen?

To receive the anti-oxidant benefits of hydrogen, you may have to travel to the miracle sites to drink or buy back home…

But what if there’s a way for you to get the anti-oxidant benefits of hydrogenwithout flying to Lourdes, Mexico and other countries?



Izumio is a hydrogenised drink which contact high concentration of hydrogen.

The drink is packed in a 4-layer aluminium packing to contain the hydrogen.

The hydrogen concentration in Izumio is 2,600,000 ppt (parts per trillion). Comparing with Lourdes, which is only 550 ppt, Izumio has 3,500 times more hydrogen content than Lourdes’.

If you can do simple math, you will see that it is smarter and easier to drink 1 x 200ml pack of Izumio, than drinking 650 litres of Lourdes water to receive the same high hydrogen content.

Who Drinks Izumio?

Japanese swimmers, sportsmen, and even Malaysia’s famous badminton champion, Dato Lee Chong Wei consumes Izumio in his Olympic match in London 2012.

Izumio is consumed by millions of people, and just like Super Lutein, it has broken sales record in Japan for many years!

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Why We Are So Passionate About Izumio

We are the authorised distributors of Naturally Plus Singapore. Because of the health benefits we received by the products of Naturally Plus, such as Super Lutein & Izumio, we have a mission to share this ‘miracle supplement’ with as many people as we can.

We are currently one of the most successful and fastest growing team in Naturally Plus Singapore, fully committed to reach out to many people for the betterment of their health.

How Much Is Izumio?

1 carton of Izumio contains 30 packets of Izumio (200ml), is only $170.

With 1 packet a day, 1 carton of Izumio finishes in 1 month.

Alternatively, you can travels to Lourdes to drink 650 litres of miracle water (which is quite impossible!), to have the same hydrogen content as 1 packet of Izumio.

The answer is clear.

If you are smart person, you can clearly see that taking 1 packet of Izumio a day more convenient, saves you time and money, and makes your life so much easier and better.

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